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Build Ji Ruixin electronics brands

Qingdao Ji Ruixin Electronics Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful coastal tourist city of Sails --- Qingdao, founded in 2006, is set product design, development, manufacturing and processing, sales and service in an integrated enterprise. Companies registered capital of 1000 million and currently employs more than 200 people. Our main products are electronics (home appliances, new energy, automobiles, electric cars, etc.) harness. From small to large, from less to more, continuous distillation of the product is accompanied by continuous improvement and upgrading of processing equipment and technology and implementation. After 10 years of unremitting efforts, from a single processing of electronic products used in home appliances to the wiring harness, instrumentation, medical equipment, car and motorcycle category, communications equipment, sports equipment, etc...More>>



Scientific management, high-quality brand, quality, customer first.

Management philosophy:

Rich experience in production management, the young and efficient management team, advanced production management system, build customer assured Ji Ruixin electronics brands.

Service philosophy:

The principle of the supremacy of users for the customer service into one hundred percent enthusiasm.


Cost Control:

Cooperation through strategic partnerships, to control the cost of materials, high-quality production technology and efficient automated production equipment, the control variable costs, and ultimately provide customers with the best products and prices to win more long-term development.

Rapid Reaction:

Ji Ruixin has a highly efficient and flexible management team, timely, rapid and accurate response to customers reflect, establish a customer-centric service philosophy;


Companies in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality standards for daily production and management, and quality control, while strengthening automation transformation, gradually replace the equipment staff to ensure quality and stability;


Our production of various types of wiring harness has been widely used in various industries at home and abroad, such as automobiles, home appliances, industrial equipment, rail transportation, electronics, telecommunications and other industries. Products have been exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea and other overseas markets, and was well received by foreign customers.

Technical Support:

Our company is a professional wire harness production and processing enterprises, with a professional technical team, timely and Customers achieve synchronous development and docking technology to optimize product design to provide customers with the best suite of solutions that address the concerns of customers!


Reliable quality:

All of our products use proven materials from the source to ensure product quality is stable and reliable, automated production process to ensure product quality stability and consistency. Scientific quality management system, so that product quality to a higher level.

Low prices:

By and for entering into a strategic partnership, and purchase products from the manufacturer to ensure that the product has a lower cost of procurement, is the price of our products more competitive.

Quality design:

Our product engineers through scientific and rational design to ensure reliability and rationality product, allowing users to use, more secure, reliable, secure docking.



Hardware industry concerned November inde

Hardware industry concerned November inde...

Near the end, in the gift market heat up the voice of the many industrial market seems to have become very lonely, decided to market demand, has alrea ...[More] [2016-04-19]


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